Dan Seymour, Author
Dan, son of Rotarian Steve Seymour and his wife Linda will be graduating with Honors in just a few weeks from UW Parkside.  During that time he wrote a book – Transformation of the Mind.
Transformation of the Mind is a story of human trial and triumph, told through poetry. It consists of 65 poems split into 7 acts and gives a narrative using the Hero’s Journey Outline. The story highlights the human experience through stages of stagnation, desire for more, struggle, and triumph. Essentially, it is a documentation of mindsets that walk us through the journey to living a real life. In this book, are the experiences, thought processes, feelings, and physics of the human mind. During our lives, we live and grow. We encounter struggle, blessings, pain, and triumph at any given minute, hour, day, and year. We are taken through many lessons over the course of the growing process, and it may be pleasant, or it may be straining. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Accordingly, our mindset alters many times over in life, so we go through it with a wide variety of perspectives and ideas. What we do with our experiences is our decision. This is the evolution of a human being. Be excited and ready to discover concepts true to human kind such as presence, gratitude, collective conscience, liberation, personal revolution, self-fulfillment and realization, purpose, enlightenment, and many more. 
We look forward to great things ahead for Dan!  
The book is available on Amazon.